Fifth Class

May 2020

Girls in fifth are doing great work in English , Geography and Art.

February 2020

It has been a busy term for us in Fifth Class. Following on from the success of S.T.E.A.M. week we have a fabulous PhD student coming in every Wednesday teaching us various topics related to S.T.E.A.M. We swabbed our classroom using cotton buds and agar plates and observed them, learned about different species in the animal kingdom and became a geologist and palaeontologist for the morning. In art class we are currently designing and creating our own leprechaun traps. The girls have just completed presenting their country projects to the class with the class acting as an audience asking questions and the presenter answering questions

November 2019

It has been a busy term for us in fifth class revising work completed in fourth class and moving on with the year. We have covered a variety of interesting topics including the digestive system, the skeleton and how earthquakes and tsunamis work. We also learnt about a variety of artists in Banksy and Caravaggio.

Currently we are working on projects based on endangered species.

March 2019

Fifth class have been doing great work over the past number of  weeks. The girls learned all about Type 1 diabetes as part of our explanatory genre in English. They designed and presented leaflets to the class based on the information gleaned. They have also been studying the characters in their novel ‘Matilda’ and using  Venn diagrams to compare and contrast these. Furthermore, in groups they had to describe a  character  using as many adjectives as possible. Leading up to St Patricks Day the girls constructed leprechaun traps in Art class. They worked extremely well in groups and produced great work as seen below. 

5th Class Christmas Concert 2019