Fifth Class

May 2021

Maths – 3-D Shapes

We have been very busy learning about 3-D shapes this month with Miss Forde. We used match sticks and pink tack to make different 3-D Shapes. We were able to learn about the properties of 3-D shapes including vertices, edges and faces! Here we are making the shapes..

April 2021 – Fitzgerald’s Park

In April we visited Fitzgerald’s Park. We had great fun in the playground and really enjoyed our walk across the refurbished ‘Shaky Bridge’! We took some photos on the bridge…

January/February 2021 Online Learning

We have all been very busy adjusting to online learning once again! Here is some of the fantastic work we have been doing!

Maths – Data

We have been doing Data in maths! Here are some of our graphs! They include block graphs, bar charts, line graphs and tally chart!

Grandparent’s Day

We had to interview our grandparent’s and write about our favourite memories with them!

Explanation Writing

In writing we have been studying the explanation writing genre. Here are some samples of our work on ‘The Life Cycle of a Frog’


In SESE we have been covering ‘The Famine’ in history and the ‘The Digestive System’ in science. Here is some of the work we did on both topics..

Catholic School’s Week

For Catholic school’s week we have been completing lots of fun activities. Below are some samples of our work.

Maths – The Circle

SESE – Tourist Attractions

We have been looking at tourist attractions in geography. We had to do a project on a tourist attraction of our choice in Ireland. Here are some of the projects!

Art – iPhone Art

We did some art based on iPhones!

New Year Resolutions

We decided to write down some of our New Year Resolutions for 2021! Here are some of ours….

November/December 2020

Health Promotion Week

We were very busy in the classroom for health promotion week. We did lots of activities to celebrate being and staying healthy. We did some fruit tasting, a healthy eating quiz, made health promotion posters and did lots of workouts. Just look at some of the wonderful pictures!

Orienteering in Fitzgerald’s Park!

We headed to Fitzgerald’s Park on December 3rd to engage in orienteering with our excellent instructor Séan from Orienteering Ireland. Séan is very knowledgeable on all things orienteering and taught us how to read and interpret maps. We had to use different maps to find clues at each point marked. It was lots of fun!

Fashion Designs for Art

We decided to use junk art materials to design dresses for our selected models to wear. In our pods one person was the model and the rest of the girls in the pod had to design and make a dress for the model to wear. Once the dress was created the models had to walk down the catwalk and discuss their dress. The dresses created were fantastic. Here are the designs!

October 2020

Maths Week! (October 12th – 16th)

We have been very busy this week for Maths week! Maths is an integral part of our everyday lives and we have been focusing on using our ‘Maths Eyes’ this week to understand this. ‘Maths Eyes’ is a programme that focuses on understanding and exploring how maths is present in our everyday lives. For example: the angles that make up the buildings we live in, how the distances we walk and drive each day are measured out, how we use timetables to plan each day of our lives etc. Below are some descriptions of our Maths Week activities and lots of photos of us in action!!

Measuring a KM:

We wanted to see how long a KM would take to measure and what it might look like to measure one. In our pods we used a trundle wheel to mark out exactly 1km. It was a lot longer than we thought!

Running a KM

After measuring out a a kilometre we decided we would incorporate some PE into our maths less and run the kilometre we had measured!

Counting Steps:

We decided to count the amount of steps it would take to walk around the school. Nowadays a lot of people in the world use watches or phones to keep track of the amount of steps they walk each day. This is a great way of setting fitness goals and keeping a track of the amount of exercise you are doing each day! Most people aim to walk 10,000 steps each day!

Measuring Height:

We decided to see how tall each person was in the class. To do this we used a metre stick. We had lots of fun working in our pods to do this!

Angles in our names:

We decided to see what types of angles make up the letters in our names. There are lots of acute, obtuse, right, straight and even reflex angles in our names!

September 2020

September has been a very enjoyable month in 5th class! We have been busy in our new classroom in the Old School. Our classroom is very scenic and has a beautiful view of the city and in particular we can see the historic Old Gaol right beside us! It is also worth noting that we are the first primary school class to be taught in the Old School since June 1978!

In Geography we have been doing project work based on famous landmarks. Each pod had to do a project on a specific landmark and present it to the rest of the class. Here are the FANTASTIC projects!!

We also decided to base one of our art lessons on famous landmarks. We used strips of coloured paper and glue to create hot air balloons which are carrying famous landmarks in their baskets! Can you guess the landmark?

We have been learning about symmetry in maths. For art we decided to create symmetrical butterflies. Here are some of the creations:

On Wednesdays we have been walking up to the Terence MacSwiney grounds where Hazel from St. Vincent’s GAA has been coaching us in Gaelic Football. We have been learning skills like the kick pass, hand pass and how to solo the ball! Thanks to Hazel for all the great coaching! Here we are in action!