Fourth Class

May/June 2021

The girls had a busy final two months. Below is just a selection of what they got up to, including:

Junk Art/Recycling Art. The girls used recyclables to make fantastic structures in groups, pairs, or working solo!

  • Climate Change Posters and Presentation for Art/Science/Geography: In pairs, the girls researched their own Climate Change topic, and created a poster and presentation about it. They are now experts in their respective climate change fields!

Alien Art with the Star Me Project: The girls had the wonderful opportunity to create UFOs and comets with some wonderful guest instructors working with the Star Me Project as part of the Midsummer festival.They really enjoyed the unique theme and approach to Art.

March/April 2021

  • Tunnels for Science
  • How our plants have progressed in growth for Geography/Science
  • Learning Éadaí (clothes) in Irish
  • St. Patricks Day Art
  • Using chalk in the lovely weather outside for Art

The girls have also made great progress in P.E. with their fun fitness tests, and learned about Data in Maths. Well done, girls!

January/February 2021

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions, we have begun Remote Learning in these months. The girls are doing a great job engaging in the learning presented to them. Below are a few images of some of the work the girls have done. Included are: Active Week pictures, Science/Art construction, and some Art.

December 2020

After a huge amount of effort, hard work and dedication the girls finally completed their class book, “The book of Books”. Each girl wrote an imaginative narrative essay.Well done to Abbie whose drawing won the front cover competition for the book. The girls also learnt about the famous designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. They designed and made their own dresses. The class had a fashion show displaying their finished pieces. Well done girls you did a great job 🙂

November 2020

Science Week is always one of the most popular weeks in the academic year, and this year was no different. The girls did a variety of investigations. These included making teabags with different materials, discovering what material makes the best ramp for our toy cars, and a guest speaker! Frances McCarthy of Blackrock Castle Observatory gave the girls a very interesting talk, via Zoom, on life, microbes, and where we might find life in the universe. Thanks, Frances. We are now investigating microbes, and checking what sorts of mould grow on bread that has been rubbed in various places.

October 2020

One of the highlights of the month was Maths Week. During the week, the girls participated in multiple activities that were designed to foster interest in maths. It’s safe to say it worked! We completed a variety of activities. Pictured below are the girls measuring their heights, Manga High Maths gaming app, and our symmetry art. The girls thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, and a big thank you to Ms. Murphy for organising such a successful week that have really giving the girls a positive outlook and mindset towards Maths.

September 2020

After many months back, a very warm welcome to the new 4th class of Sundays Well Girls’! Although its been a while, the girls have settled in quickly, and have done fabulously to adapt to the new school culture living with COVID-19. The first few weeks have allowed the girls to get comfortable in the new routine in our school day, with emphasis being put on their great achievement of returning to school. Positive mental health is a priroity, and the girls were definitely relieved to be meeting friends that they haven’t seen in weeks & months! We look forward to becoming more and more assured in school, and continuing to thrive in Sundays Well Girls’.
Attached below are some pictures of our recent visit to the flower beds, where we planted some bulbs to help the Pollinators in our area. The girls really enjoyed our lesson on Pollination, and really taking to the concept of Climate Justice.

Yellow Pod
Blue Pod
Pink Pod

May 2020

Learning at Home

January-March 2020

We love maps

STEM Week 

In January, 4th class took part in a range of fun activities for STEM Week. We participated in an orienteering activity that took place around the grounds of the school. We learned how to interpret a map and follow it correctly. It was like going on a treasure hunt. We were lucky enough to have two sessions of Bricí Spraoi during this week. The girls built cars, castles, obstacle courses, swimming pools and much more. During this time, we also made human clock.  

We had a Science Exhibition where the class was divided up into groups to perform different science experiments for their families. We demonstrated how air pressure works, the transport of water through a plant, how to test for starch using iodine, how strong magnets are, how levers work and how to inflate a balloon using baking soda and vinegar. The girls worked really hard and learned a lot of new information and vocabulary. It was a great success.

Health Promotion Week 

We did loads of things for Health Promotion Week. We kept a food diary, took part in a whole school movement break and went for a walk down Strawberry Hill. But our favourite thing to do for the week was the fruit tasting. We tried kiwis, raspberries, watermelon, honeydew melon, blueberries and pineapple. Yum!!!  


This term we started debating. We have covered topics such as “Should all schools be co-educational?” “Should children have televisions in their bedrooms?” “Should all violent video games be banned?” and “Should we be allowed to wear our own clothes to school?” All the girls who participated so far have done a great job with researching information and delivering their persuasive speeches.  

Pancake Tuesday 
We ate yummy pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. 

December 2019

The girls have been so good for December that we decided to do some baking. We all mixed flour, eggs and sugar to create our buns. The girls decorated them beautifully with icing sugar and sprinkles. However, they didn’t last long as the girls couldn’t resist sampling them.  

The girls have been reading the novel “The Witches” by Roald Dahl for the past few months. They have thoroughly enjoyed predicting what will happen to the boy and his grandmother and will they succeed in getting rid of all the witches. We watched the film while comparing and contrasting the different storylines.  

The girls have been working so hard on their Irish this year. During November we focused on the theme of clothes and shopping. The girls split up into small groups, wrote their own dramas and performed them for the class- props and all. Everyone did an excellent job. An mhaith ar fad!!