Junior Infants

September 2020

We are delighted to welcome our Junior Infants to Sunday’s Well Girls’ NS. The last Junior Infants Class for the school ahead of the Amalgamation in September 2021.

December 2019

Junior Infants have been having some wonderful experiences recently. The all turned into very busy little elves working hard in Santa’s Workshop to get all the toys ready for the boys and girls. We learned about how different countries celebrate Christmas and the history of where Christmas crackers came from. We were so proud of how they performed on stage for their Christmas Concert. Recently we had surprise visitor come to our class. It was the big man himself, Santa Claus! He came to see how the workshop was going and to reward all his busy elves with a selection box! Also, our Sammy Stamps savers got an extra bonus selection box for their wonderful efforts at saving. The girls have worked so hard during their station teaching, their Aistear play and all other areas of the curriculum. They have really come into Junior Infants and hit the ground running. Well done Junior Infants! 

November 2019

The Junior Infants have settled in so quickly into school life and all that it entails. Under our Aistear themes they learned all about school in September, homes and houses during October and currently we are covering the topic of Space for November. The girls are thoroughly enjoying becoming astronauts and blasting off into space in their rocket in our role play area! We are also exploring the topic through our other play areas of Construction, Sand, Water, Junk Art, Small World and Playdough.  

June 2019

The Junior Infants have had a very active few weeks recently!

For the month of June we have been learning all about the beach and camping and we even have our own little beach in our classroom. For the first week we have been focusing on learning all about the different things we like to do at the beach. The girls loved making sandcastles in the sandbox, fishing in the water table and camping in our role play area.

For our school tour we accompanied Senior Infants to the Mardyke Arena where we took part in an obstacle race, a Disney part, face painting, arts and crafts and much more. We had so much fun!!!

Just last week we had a Teddy Bears Picnic. All the girls brought their favourite teddy to school and we went outside the classroom and played games and sang songs. Our favourite was ‘I’ve Been Working on the Railroad’ and we all formed a big train while we sang!

April 2019

Junior Infants have had a very exciting term. Our March Aistear theme was The Farm and we had lots of fun working as farmers in our role play area. We also got the opportunity to be real life farmers when we had some chicks come to stay with us. Eggs were dropped off to us in an incubator and we watched as they hatched and became little chicks. We enjoyed watching them grow and were very sad when they had to go back to live on the farm. 

Our Aistear theme for April has been the Post Office and we were lucky enough to be able to visit a real Post Office. We walked down to the post office on Blarney Street and the girls each bought a stamp and sent an Easter card in the post. We look forward to the cards being delivered home by the post man. 


For June we are doing the them of Camping and the Beach in Aistear. The girls love to camp in the tent, toast marshmallows over the ‘fire’, have a BBQ and find some mini-beasts. We also were very lucky to get a new water table which has caused great excitement in the classroom!!


The fifth class were very good to join us and do some peer reading today. The Junior Infants got to show off all their reading skills to the big girls. They took turns reading to the fifth class and then the fifth class also read some stories to our Junior Infants.


Another one of our Aistear themes was the Hospital. Our classroom hospital had many sick patients that needed to be treated. Lots of injections, x-rays, bandages and medicine had to be given. We were also lucky enough to be one of the schools selected to go to U.C.C. to the Teddy Bear Hospital run by the medical students each year. The girls each brought their sick or injured teddies to meet the medical students and get all fixed up.


In springtime we were learning all about the Farm. We had to milk the cows, collect the eggs from the hens, plant our crops, feed the pigs and sheep, there were so many jobs to do. We learned all about the jobs the farmer has, animals and their babies, changes that happen in springtime and so much more.


For one of our aistear themes we had a very busy Space station in our classroom. The girls were very busy learning all about space, checklists before blasting off and how to deal with all the alien friends they met on their space travels!