Le Chéile

February 2020

The children in Le Chéile enjoy a variety of sensory play activities each week. Two of our favourites are water play and crunchy play.  

We joined the girls in Senior Infants for a walk down Blarney Street recently, to encourage exercise during Health Promotion Week. We really enjoyed getting out into the fresh air and stretching our legs!  

We were lucky enough to join the girls in second class for some yummy pancakes on Pancake Tuesday.  

November 2019

The children in Le Chéíle have really settled into their first year in Sunday’s Well G.N.S. In Le Chéile, we take a play based and multi sensory approach to learning. One of our favourite sensory activities is having some messy fun with shaving foam! 

 Our theme for the month of November is ‘Myself’ and we are learning to recognise ourselves in the mirror and in pictures. We made self portraits using paper plates to demonstrate what we have learned.  

September 2020 in Le Chéile

This month we welcomed back some familiar faces, and met some new friends who joined our class. We are all so happy to be back in school after the long break. We are enjoying activities such as water play, building with blocks and magnets and sensory play to name a few! Our new classroom is bright and beautiful and is beginning to feel like home already! We look forward to what the year has in store for Le Chéile!

We are always busy and having fun!

Since we returned to school in February, Le Chéile have enjoyed a mixture of in class activities, and lots of outdoor play too.

Outside, the rain never stops us, we put on our wellies and just love jumping in puddles!

In class, we learn many life skills, shown below with Heidi putting socks on her dolly to keep her toes warm. We have a variety of different fine motor activities, as you can see , Jack was very proud of his ‘Pegs to Paper’ achievement. We also enjoy art and craft, and you can see Yashvi making a very cute Easter chick.