Second Class

March 2021

Measuring detectives- 2nd Class were busy measuring different items around the classroom with their metre strips. They found things smaller than, bigger than and about a metre.

February 2021

The girls were busy planting seeds. We made sure to include soil, seeds and water it. Each girl planted their own seeds and will be responsible for watering it and looking after it.

The girls are very happy to be back to school. We took a trip to Fitzgerald’s park to test out the new shaky bridge.

December 2020

Our cheeky Elf on the Shelf!

Beautiful winter and Christmas art work

October 2020

2nd Class of Horrors: Happy Halloween!
This month we are learning about rhythms- crochets, quavers and rests, composing our own rhythms and playing them on percussion instruments. The girls had so much fun!
Wonderful Autumn art work created by the girls in 2nd Class!

September 2020

2nd Class took a trip to Fitzgerald’s Park today. We combined fun with facts about suspension and triple arched bridges.
We learned about forces and had fun in the sun 🙂

The girls are doing beautiful handwriting at home.  
Great Irish writing being done at home also and a lot of new Irish words being learned. 
We listened to the song ‘Queen of the May’ (aka ‘Bring flowers of the rarest’) and learned all about ‘Bealtaine’ and traditions in Ireland. 

January- February 2020

Visit to the church;

The girls are preparing for their First Confession at the moment. They are very excited! They are learning songs and prayers as well as doing lovely art in preparation. We visited the church recently and Fr. Greg gave us a tour of the church and sacristy. The children learned a lot of new words on their visit!

Pancake Tuesday;

The girls made pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. They learned what ingredients are needed to make them as well as the equipment used.  We discussed their favourite toppings also. They really enjoyed this treat!


2nd class were learning about ‘Length’ recently in maths. They measured various items in the classroom using the metre stick. They also measured the length and width of the school yard.


The children made beautiful spring ‘Cherry Blossom Trees’ during art. First the girls painted the tree trunk and branches and then used crepe paper to decorate the tree with blossoms.

The girls made ‘Love Birds’ for Valentine’s Day. They used paint and beautiful colours to decorate!

We made clay pinch pots recently. The girls painted and decorated them beautifully!

Health Promotion week;

The girls participated in many various activities for Health Promotion Week. We went on a whole school walk around the local area.

We had many movement breaks throughout the week. The children tasted delicious fruit that some had never tasted before!

The girls learned about Internet safety during the week and the importance of being kind to each other and themselves.

S.T.E.M. Week;

The children really enjoyed S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week recently. The girls made paper airplanes and tested how far they could fly. They demonstrated many different experiments for their parents for example they showed how to make a volcano as well as how to make a lava lamp. They really enjoyed ‘Bricí Spraoi’ where they worked in groups together and they were encouraged to use their imaginations to make whatever they wanted.  They were very creative!

Health Promotion Week;

Internet Safety Talk;

Whole School Walk;

Whole school movement break!

 Fruit tasting!

Pancake Tuesday;


Cherry Blossom Trees;

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Be Kind!

S.T.E.M. Week;

Bricí Spraoi!


Making airplanes;

 Clay pinch pot

Our Love birds!

June 2019

School Tour 18/06/19

The girls had a fantastic day yesterday on their school tour. They went to the ‘Let’s Go!’ summer camp in Douglas. They participated in many fun, exciting and challenging activities such as ‘Zorbee Ball Roll’, ‘BMX Kart’ and ‘iPad Fun Orienteering’.

The girls enjoyed playing camogie every week. They have really improved since the start of the year. 

2nd class girls made beautiful clay pots last week. They painted them beautifully too! 

May 2019

Cork city sports 2019;
Fitst Holy Communion;

The girls were outstanding on their First Holy Communion Day. They all looked beautiful in their finery. Well done to everyone!

The church looked amazing with all the stunning artwork.

The girls are working hard preparing for their First Holy Communion which is on the 25th of May.

Summer is here! 

The girls went on a summer walk to Fitzgerald’s Park yesterday. They had a great day playing in the sunshine. They had a picnic and danced on the stage too!

Summer Art;

Summer poetry by 2nd class;

April 2019

Easter Art in second class!

Easter egg hunt!

The girls had so much fun!

We made yummy Easter chocolate nests!

March 2019

Trip to the library  28-03-19

Engrossed in their books! The girls really enjoy going to the library every fortnight.

Pancake Tuesday Fun!

The girls loved making and eating pancakes on Pancake Tuesday!

First Confession

The children celebrated their First Confession recently. 

The Big Grow!

Girls in Second Class are taking part in the Grow Ireland Project. They sowed cress, pea and tomato seeds over the last few weeks. They also planted strawberry bulbs! We can’t wait to see them grow! @innocentIreland #thebiggrow

January 2019

September in Ms. Crowley’s Room

  • 2nd class parents and grandparents are welcome into the classroom every Wednesday at 2.00pm to read with the children. This will continue until Halloween break. Looking forward to seeing you all!

  • 2nd class made beautiful Autumn hedgehogs using paint and leaves.

  • 2nd class sowed onion salad seeds and planted daffodil bulbs in the school garden.

  • 2nd class created an autumn scene using autumnal colours.


Ready, steady, LET’S GO…

This year 2nd class were very lucky to visit Let’s Go for their school tour. All of the girls had great fun in a range of different activities such as, go karting, the disco dome, zorbing and other fun-filled activities. A great day was had by all!

Have you got your summer glasses ready?

We have been doing some very cool summer art in 2nd class. In June we made some very fancy summer glasses. The girls drew portraits of themselves and then designed glasses using oil and chalk pastels. We had great fun.


Fitzgerald’s Park Fun

On 31st May 2nd class made a visit to Fitzgerald’s Park. They really enjoyed their nature walk and especially their time in the playground!

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 Visit to the church

December 2019

Fossil Crime Scene 

Two palaeontologists from U.C.C. came to visit our class during November. The children were fascinated with all of the new information they learned about fossils. They did fun activities and even experienced handling real life fossils. They were very lucky to be involved in this venture. 

Maths Trail

The girls were learning about collecting data in maths and how to show this information on various types of graphs.  They learned how to use a tally and they put this into practice one day when we went on a maths trail. The girls enjoying counting windows, birds, trees and doors using this way of recording.  

Project about China

2nd class learned all about China during the last few weeks. They worked in groups to create posters all about China. They all worked well together as a team. They presented their posters to the class and spoke about what they learned. 


Over the last few weeks the children have been learning various new gymnastics rolls and techniques during P.E. They really enjoyed putting all of what they learned together in the final session. The girls were put into groups and asked to come up with their own routine. They were brilliant! 


The girls are very artistic and they loved making Christmas cards using various materials as well as creating a beautiful Nativity scene for Christmas.  

We decorated the classroom in preparation for Christmas and learned all about Advent. We made an Advent wreath together as a class also. We visited the church to see the crib and lit a candle while we were there. The girls worked hard learning new Christmas songs and poems in preparation for the annual Christmas concert. They were excellent. 

November 2019

The girls had their Enrolment mass recently in preparation for their First Holy Communion. The girls behaved brilliantly in the church on the day. 

The children are really enjoying learning all about winter at the moment. We hope to go on a winter walk soon around the area and see what we find!   

Parents and grandparents of the girls were invited into the classroom for C.A.P.E.R. during October. It was fantastic to see so many visit our classroom to read with the children. 

2nd class are busy preparing for their Christmas concert at the moment. They are really excited about all the art and songs we’ll be doing on the lead up to the Christmas holidays.

2nd class really enjoyed Mangahigh during Maths week. They thought the maths games were really fun as well as challenging.

The girls created beautiful hedgehogs out of leaves during September. They learned all about autumn and the hedgehog. They also learned about other animals who hibernate.

The girls made fantastic looking penguins by using various materials such as paint and sugar paper. They are very colourful and seasonal

Polar bears made by 2nd class! The girls drew the bears first using their pencil and then they cut out the bears carefully and placed them on black paper. They decorated them with chalk, pastels and glitter. The girls loved this activity!

Skeletons for Halloween! The children enjoyed this creative art lesson very much. They all turned out very different from each other which was fantastic.