Senior Infants

The girls in Senior Infants have had a wonderful year, they’ve learned through play in Aistear with theme’s like The Antarctic, The Bank, The Hairdressers and The Pet Shop to name a few. They were delighted to welcome their parents to the classroom on numerous occasions to take part in C.A.P.E.R (Children and parents enjoy reading) and Maths For Fun. The girls were SO excited to have the moms and dads come to visit.

Over the last few weeks they have been making the most of the fine weather we’ve been having lately.

They walked down strawberry hill and crossed the Shakey Bridge to Fitzgerald’s park, where they played and played until they couldn’t play any more! They had a picnic and a small rest before they went back for one last run around!

The girls also brought their favorite teddies to school to treat them to a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. They laid out blankets, ate some treats and listened to some music – The Greatest Showman soundtrack is a big hit! We think the Teddies really enjoyed their visit to our classroom!