Senior Infants

February-March 2020

Senior Infants have been busy these past few weeks!
Health Promotion Week was a great chance for the girls to learn new ways for them to engage in a healthier lifestyle. During the week, the girls got to learn about Internet Safety. The girls were familiar with the internet, but weren’t as aware of the dangers of it, and the videos provided really helped illustrate Internet Safety in a child-friendly, entertaining manner. The girls learnt that not everyone on the internet has good intentions, and to be aware of that. During the week we also went on a walk, did some fruit testing, and did a whole school movement break. All 3 of these activities were done to promote a healthier lifestyle to the children, both physically and mentally.
 Our theme for this month is the Hairdressers, and the girls really love it. They have loved exploring the theme, as they use play dough to mould their favourite hairstyles, use Lego blocks to design their own hair salon, or act out various scenarios in role play. They will continue to treasure every minute they have to play under this new theme, giving them a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary.

Highlights being attempted in S.W.G.N.S. Hair Salon

December 2019

December was a prosperous month in Senior Infants. Our theme for the month was Antarctica and cold places, and the girls really enjoyed learning about it. Whether talking about the harsh conditions, cute animals, or the research station, the class was engaged. A highlight for the girls was working with the green screen, and getting to imagine themselves in particular scenarios. They were enthralled watching the videos and pictures back, and got real enjoyment and concrete learning experiences from using the green screen.
There was great anticipation for the Christmas performance this month, and the girls put Trojan work into learning the songs and actions. Thankfully, it really paid off and the girls put on a fantastic show. The songs will forever be engrained in their minds, and our own! 
Finally, Ms. Green, Ms. Coffey, Mr. McCarthy and Ms. Murphy all wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas! 

Christmas Concert 2019

Junior and Senior Infant Christmas Concert 2019

C.A.P.E.R May 2019

One of the most popular iniatives run in Senior Infants this year was C.A.P.E.R (children and parents enjoy reading). The girls were delighted to welcome parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters to the classroom to share a story and read some books. It’s wonderful to see families enjoy reading together. Thank you to everyone who joined us! 

World Book Day 2019

Senior Infants had a wonderful ‘World Book Day’ this year, and they really pulled out all the stops! From wizards to fairies, whimpy kids to classic fairytale characters, it was a magical and fun filled day all around.

Children who read become adults who think



Cupcakes for Sale!

Our Bakery is open for business just in time for Easter! Call in for some freshly made buns, cakes or pastries, order a cake for a special occasion , or sit down in our coffee shop and enjoy our lunch specials!

The girls in Senior Infants have had a wonderful year, they’ve learned through play in Aistear with theme’s like The Antarctic, The Bank, The Hairdressers and The Pet Shop to name a few. They were delighted to welcome their parents to the classroom on numerous occasions to take part in C.A.P.E.R (Children and parents enjoy reading) and Maths For Fun. The girls were SO excited to have the moms and dads come to visit.

Over the last few weeks they have been making the most of the fine weather we’ve been having lately.

They walked down strawberry hill and crossed the Shakey Bridge to Fitzgerald’s park, where they played and played until they couldn’t play any more! They had a picnic and a small rest before they went back for one last run around!

The girls also brought their favorite teddies to school to treat them to a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. They laid out blankets, ate some treats and listened to some music – The Greatest Showman soundtrack is a big hit! We think the Teddies really enjoyed their visit to our classroom!