Sixth Class

On your bike

The girls really enjoyed hosting our Bike Week event on June 19th. Cyclist supremo Ruth Herman, from Wild Atlantic Sports, certainly put the girls through their paces during a 90 minute session, which focussed on cycling safety and skills.

“The Limbo, Bike Style” was voted class favourite activity, beating off competition from “Cycling the Plank” and “Cone Weaving.”

The event highlighted the importance of wearing a helmet while cycling, of mastering basic safety skills such as bike control and braking, while having fun at the same time.





Fitzgerald’s Park forever

We selected June 6th as the date for a multi-subject outing to Fitzgerald’s Park.

Our first topic was Science in the Playground, where we discussed pivots, levers and the concepts of gravity, forces and friction.

Then we visited the museum where we viewed an exhibition of Cork through the Ages, climbed inside a restored Traveller wagon and shivered in a First World War trench.

As we toiled our way up Strawberry Hill on our way back to the school, we estimated its height (approx 50m!) before returning to our classroom to write a recount of the day.