Third Class

Summer Term!

In third class we have been very busy over the past number of weeks. In late April and early May we had the pleasure of Ms. McDonnell teaching us! We learned lots about India in SESE and in particular, about the great work Mother Theresa did there! We also had great fun making and experimenting with parachutes. We had to try and figure out what materials were the best for making parachutes! It was great fun seeing which designs stayed in the air the longest!
We have now completed all of our class novels including our Irish novel, ‘Lámhainní Glasa’. The novel explored how a young boy cunningly began to grow magical trees in his back garden with the help of supernatural gloves. Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as!

Ellie and Maja reading!

In art we have been working a lot on portrait drawing. We have been following very useful steps to help draw portraits with a focus on shading and line. Just look at some of these completed masterpieces!

Visit to the Lifetime Lab!

Third Class visited the Lifetime lab on the 15th of March to learn all about marine life! We met two marine biologists and learned about the work they do in the rivers, lakes and seas of Ireland. We also got to carry out some experiments based on water. It was great fun and we learnt lots about the creatures of the sea and how to look after them!!

Making food chains!
Making the coin sink!
Doing the tornado experiment!