Third Class

April 2020

The past few weeks we have been very busy in Third Class. First of all, we had great fun as part of our STEM week. During this week, we had fun exploring capacity, measuring various items involving such measures. One of our highlights from this week was the fun we had during our Orienteering activity in school. We learned how to read and follow maps and incorporated what we learned into a Treasure Hunt around the school.

We have also had the opportunity to get involved in gymnastics with a group from Gymnastics Ireland. We learned loads of different rolls and jumps during these sessions which we used to make different routines.

In addition, we have learned about many new artists in Art. Among these, we have learned about Marc Chagall, our Artist on the Month. We also made some very cool Cherry Blossom Trees using popcorn to mark the start of the spring season.

In preparation for our ‘Aladdin’ musical, we have had a great opportunity to learn some new dances with our amazing Dance Teacher, Karena. We have been learning dances to the songs ‘We Go Together’ from Grease and ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen. We are continuing to work very hard to practice these dances in preparation for the show.

Some of the girls talking about ‘Toys through the Ages’ during our Science Exhibition

December 2019

We have had a very enjoyable and successful first term in 3rd class. We have taken part in many fun events and activities since arriving back to school in September.

As part of these fun events, we visited the library in Hollyhill for some ‘Medieval Mayhem’. The girls had an enjoyable experience learning about life during medieval times, including the food, games, battles and the amazing clothes they wore. 

In October we were very lucky to take part in the Mangahigh maths challenge for the first time ever. The girls enjoyed taking part in maths games and activities on an online platform with other children around Ireland. All the girls made a great effort and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all those who worked with their child at home to make this such a success!

The girls had some great opportunities to go to the Lifetime Lab where they enjoyed a light show measuring their memory and reaction times. Some of the girls were very fast – we’ll have to be careful not to get on their bad side! In school, we had a visit of the fossil crime scene where the girls learned lots about fossils; how they were made and where they came from. 

The girls have been getting ready for Christmas creating some beautiful art. They also had a great time preparing for and doing their Christmas concert. We learned some new songs including ‘12 Days of Christmas’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘Count on Me’. One thing for sure is we know we can count on them for a great show! 

Summer Term!

In third class we have been very busy over the past number of weeks. In late April and early May we had the pleasure of Ms. McDonnell teaching us! We learned lots about India in SESE and in particular, about the great work Mother Theresa did there! We also had great fun making and experimenting with parachutes. We had to try and figure out what materials were the best for making parachutes! It was great fun seeing which designs stayed in the air the longest!
We have now completed all of our class novels including our Irish novel, ‘Lámhainní Glasa’. The novel explored how a young boy cunningly began to grow magical trees in his back garden with the help of supernatural gloves. Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as!

In art we have been working a lot on portrait drawing. We have been following very useful steps to help draw portraits with a focus on shading and line. Just look at some of these completed masterpieces!

Visit to the Lifetime Lab!

Third Class visited the Lifetime lab on the 15th of March to learn all about marine life! We met two marine biologists and learned about the work they do in the rivers, lakes and seas of Ireland. We also got to carry out some experiments based on water. It was great fun and we learnt lots about the creatures of the sea and how to look after them!!