Health Promotion Week November 2020

This week in school we were focusing on lots of different activities to help keep us healthier. Now more than ever it is important to keep healthy because lots of places where we go to exercise are closed because of Covid-19. This week we did lots of activities in the classroom in order to celebrate health promotion week. Some of the activities included a healthy eating quiz, workouts, fruit tasting and creating healthy eating posters! Just look at the wonderful pictures!

April 29th to May 4th : This week is Health Promotion Week

Some healthy baking. 2nd class making some delicious brown bread.

Planting watercress

Thursday May 3rd: Fruit tasting for all the school

Wednesday May 2nd  : It’s WOW – Walk on Wednesday

Check out our Orienteering Station Activities!


Active Flag

Health Promoting School

Smart Moves