Maths Week 2020

Given the year that is in it, our Maths Week has a decidedly outdoors flavour this year! We combined enjoyment with learning and of course lots of fresh air.

Junior Infants enjoying a Maths trail, and learning about shape, pattern, number and colour.

Sixth Class measured out ingredients to make yummy Rocky Road-then linked it with Procedural Writing.
Inspired by the work of artist Piet Mondrian, Sixth Class used line, shape and colour to create their own Art pieces. Then they found time to play some Maths games!
Third Class worked across the Measures strand for Maths Week!

Sixth Class had an action packed Day Four for Maths Week. They measured the area and perimeter of the yard, before estimating how long it would take to run a lap. Later, they used protractors to measure the angles of the letters in their names, before finishing the day with some Maths riddles.

Working on measuring one and two metres distance, to help the girls understand social distancing. Second Class get to work.
Senior infants setting each other addition sums.
Junior infants made some wonderful pictures using 2D shapes. What a fun and active way to learn 🙂
First Class explored 3D shapes during Maths Week

Running a KM

After measuring out a a kilometre 5th Class decided we would incorporate some PE into our maths less and run the kilometre we had measured!

Counting Steps:

5th Class decided to count the amount of steps it would take to walk around the school. This is a great way of setting fitness goals and keeping a track of the amount of exercise you are doing each day! Most people aim to walk 10,000 steps each day!

Measuring Height:

5th Class wanted to see how tall each person was in the class. To do this we used a metre stick. We had lots of fun working in our pods to do this!

Angles in our names:

5th Class used different types of angles to make up the letters in our names. There are lots of acute, obtuse, right, straight and even reflex angles in our names!