April 2021

Introduce a Girl to Engineering run through Collins Aerospace

Congratulations to our pupils in 5th and 6th Class who received their Certificates following participation in Engineers’ Week

Science Week 2020

Time for a cuppa-Fourth Class making their own teabags. Fourth Class also grew microbes by rubbing bread against a number of varying surfaces. They later built car ramps to test materials and gravity.

Le Chéile discovering Magnetism!

All classes enjoyed fantastic interactive classes courtesy of the team at Blackrock Observatory during Science Week. Topics covered included Microbes, differentiating between living and non-living things, and Outer Space.

Second Class explored Osmosis. After viewing a video on the topic, they set about proving the hypothesis using gummy bears, plain water, sugared water and salt water. They compared changes in the gummy bears after 24 hours and again after 48 hours.

Today 1st Class explored osmosis by soaking gummy bears in plain water, sugared water and salted water. Check out the bears after 24 hours and 48 hours!

First Class dressed up as scientists before examining the constituents of various fruits.

Second Class were set a challenge-build the tallest cylinder, using everyday materials.

Sixth Class made edible play dough and slime. They also carried out a fizzy balloon experiment.
Fourth Class blew up balloon using carbon dioxide.

We’re all going on a Shape Hunt–Junior Infants found lots of 2D shapes in their home environments.

Fabulous forts -Junior Infants STEAM ahead. In this time of shelter, Junior Infants were asked to design forts, using two criteria: they had to have a roof, and had to be large enough to accommodate two people.

Second Class preparing to demonstrate their experiments to their proud parents.
Can you tell the time?
Orienteering 2020
Bricí Spraoi

Everyone is enjoying our action-packed STEM Week. We have had Orienteering, Science experiments galore, Maths trails, Bricí Spraoi and demonstrations. . . . Next up is our Science Exhibition! See you there on Friday 24th.

Science Exhibition

Our Science Exhibitions are always enjoyable affairs, enjoyed by pupils and parents alike.